Film/Glass touch panels are the most commonly used touch panel applications

Film/Glass touch panels are used in countless devices and products. They are the foundation for every analog resistive touch product. Our highest quality touch panels are available in 4-, 5-, and 8-wire configurations. Our Film/Glass touch panels are a cost-effective way to integrate quality into your product. PrintOur Film/Glass touch panels offer excellent optical quality. We incorporate an anti-glare coating on the top film to minimize light reflected from the touch panel surface. We also have options for anti-fingerprint film, anti-reflective film and different levels of anti-glare.

4 -Wire Resistive Touch Panels

4-wire construction consists of two separate layers the two layers are separated by spacer dots. One layer carries the X and the other layer carries the Y. When the screen is touched it will bring the two layers together and the contact point will then be calculated

We offer a wide selection of standard 4-wire analog resistive touch panels designed to fit LCDs in sizes from 5.7” to 17”. Our team of dedicated sales representatives can assist you in selecting the right touch panel for your application.

8 -Wire Resistive Touch Panels

8-wiretouch panels are on the 4-wire technology principle by adding an additional 4-wire set. Having the additional set doubles the level of electrodes and in turn will increase the overall accuracy and reduces drifts so you won't have to recalibrate as much as you would with a 4 or 5 wire touch panel.

5-Wire Resistive Touch Panels

5-wire touch panels produce accurate data and these touch panels are ideal for heavy-use applications such as pos terminals, industrial controls and other similar environments. 5-wire touch panels are constructed with a film that is suspended over the top layer and voltage is simultaneously measured at each corner. When a user touches the top surface it becomes in contact with the bottom layer causing a change in resistance which would then be calculated by the controller. Since the top layer is acting only as a probe it will still function even if the panel surface is damaged.

Our standard 5-wire touch panels come in sizes 8.4” to 15”.

Advantages of Resistive Touchscreen

  • Low production cost and low power consumption
  • High resistance to dust ,water,oil,grease and other liquids.
  • Can be activated with virtually any object – finger, stylus, gloved hand, pen, etc.
  • Best suited for handwriting recognition
  • Disadvantages of Resistive Touchscreen

  • Not too sensitive, you have to press down harder
  • Poor contrast because of having additional reflections from extra layer of material placed over the screen
  • Outer polyester film is vulnerable to damage from scratching, poking, and sharp objects
  • Applications

  • Portable Navigation Device
  • Automotive Center Console
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • DSC, Video Camera
  • Handheld Games & Mobile
  • POS Terminals
  • Control Panel