Digital Multi Touch Screens

Gunze USA announced a partnership with Stantum, a pioneer developer of multi-touch technology, to co-design and deliver this multi-touch technology to the North American market. Stantum's multi-touch technology will enable Gunze USA to offer touch screens with advantages such as:
Up to 10 simultaneous touches;
                    finger and stylus input;
                    finger area detection;
                    low power consumption; and
                    native Windows 7 support.

This multi-touch technology represents the joint expertise of Stantum's seven years of pioneering, proven multi-touch experience and Gunze USA's leading manufacturing of touch-panels solutions, its workforce, and its know-how.
Gunze USA will provide these custom multi-touch modules to the North American market for use in industrial, automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, kiosk/point-of-sales, and other professional applications. Unlike capacitive multi-touch, the Digital Multi-Touch technology is particularly well suited to these professional markets, thanks to its:
                    Immunity to EMI issues;
                   Stylus input, enabling handwriting recognition; and
                   Ability to work flawlessly with gloves.


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