We are a MS ELECTRONICS Marketing Company with years of experience and with extraordinary people

About us

Some words about us

M S Electronics located in Hyderabad, is a company of technocrats, with rich experience in system integration and allied activities. M S Electronics has gained valuable first-hand experience of more than than 10 years in touchscreen solutions with the varied applications from medical to industrial. By consulting with our customers on each individual case, operating environment and backend system driving the touchscreen, we can offer the most suitable technology for your project. This could result in using multi-touch projected capacitive solution or 4Wire,8 Wire and 5Wire resistive touch to meet your environmental needs. In addition to touch screens M S Electronics developed in house LCD Optical bonding technology over the course of approximately 3 years, the proprietary process was developed and the required custom equipment needed was designed.  Making use of reliable and readily available equipment, our process is uniquely capable of achieving great results, to become a self-sufficient entity and fill the requirement in Indian market


Our Factory

Our factory premises along with 1000 sq.ft clean room facility allows access to a complete line of touch screen integration, optical bonding,repair services and system integration. We provide innovative, high quality liquid crystal display(LCD) Enhancement and Ruggedization services for Industries, Defence,Automotive and consumer applications With Expertisation we provide unmatched technical assistance and customer care.

Our Mission

M S Electronics mission is to provide a service from a company you can trust. We make every effort to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers with continuously improving the processes and quality control.

Take a look at our works

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